My name is Henrik. I am 56 years old. I am married with Elke, my wonderful wife since 36 years. We have  two children, a son and a daughter. I am active in DX radio communication since 1995. My old call sign was 13CT724, but now I am active in the Alfa-Tango-Group since 2007, where my call sign is 13AT115.

My location is close to the university- and mining- town  FREIBERG.
facts about FREIBERG
- located at the lower ore-mountains in Saxony (part of Germany)

- 13° 20 eastern longitude; 50° 54 northern latitude

- height above sea level:360-440m

- about: 42300 residents

- about: 882 residents/square kilometer

- town area: 48.082.115 square meter

- north south dimension: 9 km

- east west dimension: 9,4 km


next bigger towns:

- 250 km south of Berlin (capital of Germany)

- 30 km west of Dresden (capital of Saxony)



Freiberg was founded in 1162/70. It has the"city-rigth" since 1296. With the "mountain-law" it gots the privilege to be the first free "mountain-city" of Germany in 1346.

Freiberg, a city with a mining tradition going back over 820 years.Freiberg with its famous silver mines was a commercial centre during the Middle Ages.

The mining was stopped in 1969. The oldest mountain-academy was founded in 1765. It owned also a "teaching-pit" called "Reiche Zeche". Some very well know people studied in Freiberg like Alexander von Humbold, Lommonossow, Novalis and Gottlob Abraham Werner.

Freiberg today is home to many high-tech companies operating in the field of compound semiconductors, pure silicon and solar silicon.

Siltronic: perfect silicon solutions

Solar-World AG: Production of solar cells, Solar Power for your roof

WECO: fireworks for Home and Business

BEFESA ZINC: Steel and Galvanization Waste Recycling


Important buildings:<>

- "Freiberger Dom" ( cathedral of Freiberg) 13th century

- "Goldene Pforte" (golden portal) about 1230

- "Silbermannorgel" (organ from Silverman) 1714

- city hall 1470

- Petri church 1225

- Nicolai church 15/16th century

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